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The Hippodrome Casino’s evidence emphasised that the rate of problem gambling is lower among those who gamble at casinos, with a problem gambling rate of 7.1% for table games in 2016,98 stating that “by comparison with other forms of betting and gaming, casino gambling would appear to be a middle-ranking activity in terms of problem gambling prevalence.”99 While there are no harmless forms of gambling, we agree that casinos, and particularly table games, are not the most harmful and that this is largely due to the responsible way in which they are operated, and to the fact that they are more easily regulated

Simon Thomas, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Hippodrome Casino London, explained some of the features of casinos that allow gambling to be tightly controlled: “They are purpose-built for gambling. They have the correct levels of player protection and control; if you go to the Hippodrome, it says “Casino” above the door in big letters. It is not a surprise. You go in through manned door control and are checked to see whether you are sober and old enough. We have no issues with underage gambling. You then gamble across tables with trained and licensed employees, and even on the electronic side like the slot machines, there are people monitoring them at all times.”100


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