Lagnaa, a one-of-a-kind bistro on Upper Dickson Road in Little India, is a welcome refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city... as you are invited to take off your shoes, sit on the floor, and enjoy the restaurant's Indian cuisine.

For those who are not really into sitting on the floor without your shoes on, the restaurant's ground floor offers a delightful alternative with the usual seating arrangement. The graffiti wall on the ground floor is something to behold. The "vandals" have expressed themselves. So should you!

Owner and Chef Kaesavan (K7) who oversees every aspect of the restaurant from music to menu says: "At Lagnaa we invite you to bare your feet and feed your soul."

Lagnaa can seat about 35 guests creating a "homely" atmosphere. It is ideal for small parties where the guests want to linger over great food cooked and served at a measured pace.

The cuisine at LAGNAA, is the expression of the surrounding... and the best of Indian food.